Saturday, 5 April 2014

Living for the Weekend: Week One

It's about time I got a weekly post up on here and so this is my first post in a series all about one of my favourite things: the weekend. By the time this guy goes up I'll be in Marseilles (that sounds very exciting) but for today it's a nostalgic look back at last weekend; I do hope you will indulge me.


Saturday's face and nails

Mad but delicious French "salad" | A lush fountain! | Testing out some bendy curlers | The finished result :)
The Great British Sewing Bee really is so great | Cookie Porn | Oh God | M Dizzle in the house

A tasty breakfast | More Sewing Bee, I was in stitches, ha, ha, ha | Countin' off them days | One splendid lunch though I say so myself

And that concludes the first ever Living for the Weekend, goodbye for now!

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