Thursday, 24 April 2014

My Makeup Heroes: TV edition

Hey gang, so the premise of this post is a very simple one: an ode to the ladies that rock makeup almost as gorgeous as they themselves.

This idea came about through watching an episode of The Good Wife, leading me to the first Makeup Hero of this post: the character of Alicia Florrick, played by the beautiful Julianna Margulies. Let's take a moment to swoon in silence:

To me she is the queen of the smokey eye; nobody wears it better. She looks stunning in a berry, red or brown-toned lip and THOSE. EYEBROWS. Need I say any more?

Next up is an obvious one and the reason why I have been craving red hair for so long: the incomparable Joan Harris/Holloway. I'll be honest and say that I stopped watching Mad Men a good while back, but when I did, I could barely get through an episode without wanting to lie down because Joan was giving me Attractive Person Fever (Jason Mamoa is the worst offender for my serious affliction).

Those beautiful lashes and her legendary lips are what strike you most about our Joany's makeup (let's not get on to her figure in this post), but let's give a shoutout to her luscious skin and rosy cheeks too. Just such a beauty.

Made in Chelsea's Binky is my favourite person ever for about a million reasons but up there among them is her gorgeous, slightly grungy makeup; to be fair, everyone on MIC looks stunning in my view but Binks has the edge in every sense, rocking kohl liner and clumpy lashes in a way I doubt I'll ever suit but wish I could.

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