Sunday, 18 May 2014

Nars Contour Blush in Paloma: Reviewed

Nars Paloma Contour Blush Review

So, recently I've been rocking a bit o' contour. Shocking probably only to me, but still, let's share this moment.

I had read an awful lot about the Nars Contour Blushes and was very eager to try them (I am too far from a Space NK to try out the Kevyn Aucoin Contour Powder... gutted). I went for the shade Paloma, the medium shade, as Olympia was too pale to do anything whatsoever on my face and surprisingly pinkish in hue. With only three shades, I'd say these contours are pretty darn limited in terms of who can wear 'em - I reckon if you're darker skin-tone-wise, you may well be disappointed.

Paloma is actually quite warm in tone (now that I've looked at a million other contours out there) and while I do think I was able to "make it work", I also think this is probably not a Holy Grail, be all and end all product, and I would urge you to do more research than I did before picking this up.

Nars Paloma Contour Blush Review Swatch Swatches

As you can tell from my little swatch on my arm, the pale shade really, really doesn't do a lot - truth be told I've now stopped trying to use it as I've yet to notice a difference from it. The swatch of the contour shade looks very warm, maybe a touch warmer than it did in real life, and on the cheeks it is cooler still -  you can see me wearing it here:

So the long and the short of this one is that Nars Paloma is a bit of a meh product for me. I think I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and get my hands on Kevyn Aucoin's version when I get fed up with this guy.

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