Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Music Recommendations

I do feel rather like I'm hitting you hard and heavy with favourites at the moment (at the time of writing I haven't even got to beauty ones yet, strewth almighty) but as finding background music is one of the jobs that I enjoy most but mention least about Youtube, I thought I'd share the musicians I have found since I started my channel.

I haven't featured all of these in my channel, but if I had my way I would use all their tracks! I just prefer to ask for permission as much as I can.

(Also can we have a brief aside to moan about everyone using the same music on Youtube?! PLEASE STOP, I can't be the only person that is fed up with it!)

WMD was one of the first artists that I came across during my many hours spent on Bandcamp, and he remains one of my favourites. He uses electro elements to create chilled but quirky tunes - I had no idea till now how much I suck at describing music I swear - and I love putting on his album Sophrosyne and just letting it do its stuff while I get on with mine. My most played track is "You Love Someone Else". It just does things to me man. His latest release, Jenny Llewellyn, is just as brilliant.

I have talked about Tycho before but I have to recommend them to your ears again. I used the track "Coastal Brake" in my Year In France Montage, and I think it's fair to say this is definitely my favourite song. That said, the album Dive is just fantastic and one that I have forced others to listen to as I just think every song rocks. The latest album, Awake, also features some goodies and continues the chill, delicious sound of the previous album. You will be hooked.

I also love the generally short but oh so sweet melodies from Cloudkicker/Ben Sharp: the album Let Yourself Be Huge is gorgeous and feature almost entirely instrumentals that really are instrumentally good.
That pun was not my best.
My most played track of his is actually one from his Soundcloud: Manchester is a song that I seem to be able to listen to and love over and over.

Last of all is Tom Day, one the first Bandcamp artists I came across and definitely the first I downloaded. I love his music so much I even use his track Going Home as my intro on my Youtube videos. He uses orchestral elements to perfection, but also nails it with more electronic-based tracks too: his latest EP, Without Words, is very much proof of this. He was also the nicest artist to chat to when I asked permission to ask his music, which I still find cool now.

So, those are my musical loves, I hope you enjoyed and I encourage you to get listening and downloading!

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