Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Favourite Daft Punk Songs

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I lurve Daft Punk... my adoration is a fairly recent one, as I bought their album Discovery on a whim in my first year of uni and I'm about to go into my forth, but the love is real guys, the love is real. I figured as I'd shared my love of some obscure acts and their songs in this post, it was about time I made some recommendations for bands you may have heard of!

We'll do this in reverse order, to keep things exciting!

Get Lucky
Oooh come on, you can't begrudge me this one?! I figured I'd pop this fella in first just to get it done. Overplayed, maybe... but does it deserve it? I'm gonna say yes - I've had a weird thing for proper 70's disco for a couple of years now (please don't tell my dad) and any songs that combine the old with the new are always my faves. This just gets me dancin'.

From the Tron Legacy Soundtrack, this song has some seriously bad ass vibes. Come my wedding I'll be walking down the aisle to this one for sure. Play it loud and feel the goosebumps.

This track is from their latest album Random Access Memories and is arguably my favourite. Probably nothing like you might expect from the album that gave us Get Lucky and Lose Yourself To Dance, it's a slightly wacky but seriously wonderful piece. BIG LOVE.

Da Funk
I mean, if you're not guessing the vibe of this one from the title, I just don't know where your mind's at... Fun and of course funky, this one makes me want to move. For hours on end.

Make Love
Nope, not an instruction from me there, that's actually my favourite Daft Punk song's title. This is a lush, subtle catchy number that I serious could listen to for hours on end (there's a link here if you share the urge!) I could listen to this all day and I am amazed I've not heard more people talking about it/bloody well playing it.

Man I love these songs - if you've not heard them already, feel free to listen and let me know what you thought!

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