Sunday, 13 July 2014

Trying Some Style Classics

Lately I've been far into my fashion than my beauty stash - though trust me, my makeup love may wane but never it truly dies out - so I'm here again with another style post to follow on from my Whistles jumper purchase confession, which can be read here. Today I'm telling you about the four classic pieces that I plan to always mix into my wardrobe.

First off is the Classic Red Lip... I told you my love for makeup never strayed! I've got a few classic, yellow and even pink based reds in my makeup stash, but the one that screams old school glamour most is my MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer in Reckless. To me it's a refreshing antidote to all the orangey red lippies that are in season at the moment; not summery in the slightest, this is a very blue toned, darker red that dries to a very matte finish. It's not got the greatest applicator or formula in the world, but at just £3 and with a banging colour to boot, it's become an instant favourite.

Next is my Little Red Bag, which looks rather vintage to me despite the fact it's a modern buy and you can get yours online here. It's got a decent length shoulder strap, a couple of nice zipped bits to stash your cash in and a completely timeless, trend-free vibe that I for one am loving. It also has the added bonus of perfectly matching the colour of my lippy: something that definitely did not factor into its purchase...

I am also into my super cheap little Pearl Earrings, that came as part of a set in C&A, now no longer in business in the UK. Here I've linked you a £6 pair from John Lewis, but you could definitely find them cheaper elsewhere! I am a bit temperamental when it comes to earrings; I either lust after them endlessly and am desperate for more piercings, or else I forget I've had them done at all and my lobes sit bare for weeks on end. I've been wearing my pearl ones for the last week or so and I love that they're a subtle touch of chic (to offset my mad red hair of course).

Then finally we have my Vintage Denim Jacket - an unexpected family heirloom (!) from my dad. It's older than I am, having been bought from Levi's in the early 80s, and Dad did an amazing job of keeping it so well it could be brand new. You can get similar, modern versions from Levi's here, here and here.

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