Sunday, 27 July 2014

In Defense Of Luxury Makeup

Everyone has their vices.

For some it's smoking. Others gambling.

Mine is expensive-ass makeup.

Most people recognise that of the addictions I could have got hooked to, makeup really is a pretty harmless one - but there'll always be the odd voice that says, "But why?"

Today, I consolidate my reasons into one handy post, so that next time that voice pipes up, I can hand them a piece of paper with the URL of this page on it, and my troubles will (hopefully) be over.
  1. I am pale. I have yet to find a cheaper foundation that has both matched my skin and my formula needs, so it means that when it comes to base, I am happy to pay more if it means I'm not orange.
  2. The. Packaging. By and large, this is where high street brands really fall down for me and high end just sprints ahead: the frosted glass on my Giorgio Armani foundation bottle... the exquisite opening of a Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick... And Tom Ford. Oh boy, Tom Ford.
  3. That stuff is going on ma FACE. I want it to stick around... Higher end products that really work justify their price tag to me, not least as their cost-per-wear works out as pennies...
  4. Colours. Some drugstore shades are up there for sure, but when I think of iconic or unique colours, I'm thinking MAC Satin Taupe, Laura Mercier Sable, Nars Cruella, Clinique Black Honey... most of the time, it's higher end brands that have the shades I love.
That's me done for now... I could of course wax lyrical for months on end, but I figure you probably have better things to be doing! Are you a high end honey or drugstore diva? I am desperate to know as always!

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