Wednesday, 9 July 2014

If you do one thing this month... book a facial

I'll leave the counter choice up to you of course, but having had my first two facials this year,  I think it can be said that I'll be having a good few more. If anything my love for them is an incentive to get out there and get earning post-uni.
At some point I'd love to do a before and after photo and see how much of a difference they actually do make;  but what I will say is that at the time of writing, my skin has never looked better and maybe it is down to my treatments...
Failing that, the lovely feeling of being pampered has me totally hooked.
If you're not booking one for yourself, book one for a friend! I myself would love a facial as a present. Hint hint to any family members reading this post...
If a professional facial isn't in your budget at the mo,  get your pamper on at home!
Now there's an idea for a future blog post...

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