Sunday, 6 July 2014

This Month's Finest... June Lifestyle Favourites

GOOD GOD it is July already... I couldn't feel any less emotionally prepared.  As before, this post may be a longer one (aren't they always though?! AREN'T THEY ALWAYS??)... but without further ado, Imma break down what I've been loving in the month of June yo.

I promise there will be no further efforts to be G from here on out.

My book choice for June has to be Sabriel by Garth Nix. This one is, for me at least, an oldie but a goldie; it's the first in a really good fantasy trilogy that I first read maybe ten years ago, but I still come back to in the spells when nothing else is doing it for me. Harry Potter fans, if you've not read this one already, I think you will love it.

My TV choice is Britain's Whale Hunters. I watched Blackfish at the start of this year and loved it; it's not an easy watch, but one that I recommended to anyone that would listen in the week or so after I'd watched, and re-watched, this powerful documentary. Mum was the one that spotted this on TV, and it made a fascinating watch: in two parts, we are shown the foundations of the whaling industries growing over the last century. Whale oil was used for all manner of unexpected products - it's again, an interesting but harrowing must-see.

My film choice was an obvious one; it's another old favourite that I've fallen for again, Memoirs of a Geisha. What strikes me most about this film is how beautifully it is shot: if you're into your filmography then chances are you've seen it already - but if not, get to it gang, get to it.

Music-wise there was only one choice for me this month; Itsuki has become one of my favourite artists and I've downloaded every track on his Soundcloud. You may recognise some of his tunes from being featured in this month's vlogs; his music is of course chill (what can I say, I like what I like!) and perfect for this time of year as it's so summery and upbeat. There's always a really innocent feel to each track that I find super charming. I can't wait to hear what's to come.

My blog highlights this month were: the Gimme 5: Face Masks which involved my first ever successful (ish) gif; my Sunday Wishlist which was inappropriately fun to put together and Raiding Momma B's Beauty Cupboards was easily the best research I've undertaken for anything in my life.

On my Youtube channel I was stoked about the Girlfriend Tag with Lizzie (it has loads of views, I'm guessing people thought we were actually a couple... bless em) and my chill Sunday Get Ready With Me was also super nice to make. I've got a load of videos planned to stretch myself this month so keep 'em pealed!

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