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HD Brows: Reviewed (in-depth)

HD Brows were all the rage a few years ago, and back in 2010/11 I had a great stint of getting them done regularly. A few weeks ago I was desperate to try them again as my brows were bushy but not in a Cara kind of way, so back to HD it was.

So, to brief you on the structure of this post, I'm gonna chuck in the before and after pictures early on as I figure that's the most exciting part but stayed tuned for a more in-depth chat about the benefits, the procedure itself and about the brand afterwards!

Before we get started, I am not being sponsored and my research is based on the HD Brow representatives I met at a Brow event back in 2011, just in case you were wondering!

Before (can you tell?!):
HD Brows review before and after

 Immediately after, with powder still in them:
HD Brows review before and after

Not the best shot I have of after with absolutely no product in them:
HD Brows review before and after

As you can see, the procedure made quite the difference!

So, the HD Brows are a multi-step process, incorporating a number of grooming techniques to achieve the perfect brow shape. Apparently this ultimate shape is one that may well be worked towards through a series of treatments, rather than in one fell swoop. The techniques used include:

  1. Tinting of all the existing hairs prior to any removal of any kind, to catch any of the paler hairs and create uniformity
  2. Waxing to shape the brows. Apparently better than shaping through threading, which can lead to brows getting smaller and smaller over time
  3. Threading of the surrounding skin to remove any fine hair - this includes part of your forehead (!) and between the brows
  4. Plucking of individual hairs that the waxing didn't reach
  5. Cutting of hairs that are longer than desired but don't need be plucked/waxed
  6. Pencilling to fill in any parts where the hair needs to grow back in
  7. Applying brow powder again to fill in any parts that are needing to grow back
  8. Applying brow gel to set any longer/stubborn hairs into place
  9. Applying mineral powder foundation to the skin surrounding the brows, which will no doubt be red from waxing/plucking/threading
This lengthy procedure means that appointments can last between 30 and 45 minutes and should typically cost around £25. Salons can only market HD Brow treatments if they are trained by the brand and using their trademarked products - if you see a cheaper "HD Brow", it's almost definitely a fake so do be careful when looking to get this done.

So, as this costs over three times as much as a simple threading, what are the benefits of getting your brows HDed?

The main plus is that for people with paler or finer brows, this treatment should make a huge difference to the fullness and colour of the brows. If you have very thin brows, traditional threading and waxing won't be able to give back some thickness (and will in fact only do the opposite), but HD brows differ in that some people will be shocked at how much bigger their brows will look afterwards.

Some of this is temporary due to the powder or pencil that has been applied, but the tinting of those finer, lighter hairs will definitely help to create a much more even, fuller brow shape longer term.

Also, the fact that all HD consultants should be aiming to take your brows to the standardised HD shape should negate the possibility of your brows being nurtured by one brow specialist then hacked by another.

I think brow fans out there will actually really enjoy how long each treatment is; you know that your brows are getting the very best of the best.

The downsides are the price of not only the individual treatment, but also the ongoing maintenance: I found that if I did no maintenance in between as recommended, I needed to go back after as little as 2-3 weeks as my brows grew back so fast. 

So, the burning question is, are they worth it?

I think if you're a brow obsessive and have the money, you will most likely love this. I think this treatment will also be great for occasions when you want your brows to look extra special, like for a ball/big night out; if you are considering these for your wedding I would say to try them at least six months before the big day to see if you like them and to give your brows a chance to reach their peak, shape-wise.

Another point in their favour is that I know of no other treatments in the same league as this. You will be amazed by the difference, even if you have had your brows threaded/waxed professionally previously.

Personally I am chuffed and hope to maintain them for as long as I can afford them!

I hope you enjoyed this chattier review - let me know what you think of HD Brows and if you want to do some more research, this is the link to the HD Brows website

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