Tuesday, 5 August 2014

10 Reasons To Follow My Instagram

Guys, I love Instagram.

I mean love Instagram.

We're thinking of moving in together, it's getting that kinda serious.

This post is simply a showcase of my finest Instas to date, in case you need some convincin'.


1. I am getting way too into VSCOCam.

2. I make friends with a fair amount of wildlife.

3. I have great taste in desserts.

4. I wasn't kidding about the last one.

5. My cats are models, whom I occasionally force to pose for me.

6. I lived in France and there is photographic proof.

7. I am passionate about taking photos of flowers.

8. Do it for my bat friend.

9. I make the occasional, INCREDIBLE, collage piece.

10. There will be food porn, and lots of it.

There we go guys... Are you Insta lovers? Are you following me? More importantly, am I following you??

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