Tuesday, 12 August 2014

5 Blushers For Beginners

I've spoken of my blush phobia before... It's a cautiousness that comes down to the fact that my face is naturally rosy, prone to broken veins and just has its own blush - okay, flush - going on most of the time.

I certainly never expected to be writing a post about blushers when  I started Just Bananas, I can tell you that much!

There are however five blushers whose presence I generally enjoy on my face, as long as every inch of redness elsewhere has been buried under four layers of concealer. My logic on this one is if I like them, they must be pretty freakin' good.

To ease yourself into blush, a great powder formula is probably the easiest way to go: the method of application is reminiscent to applying face powder and is generally not too tricky. For complete blush virgins, I'd recommend Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso: it is a beautiful, corally option with subtle gold highlight running through it, making it really perk up the skin and and some brightness as well as some warmth to the face.

If powder blushes are definitely your thing, and you're feeling spendy, the Laura Mercier Second Skin blushers are really rather beautiful. I have the shades Heather Pink and Barely Pink, which are both stunning and apply wonderfully. Don't be put off by the vivid pink of Heather in pan as on the skin it translates to a really healthy, lovely looking natural rosiness; however, if you're really wanting to ease yourself in, Barely Pink may be the better choice, as it is a super soft and subtle hint of pink.

Now you've conquered the powder blush, let me convince you that cream is the dream: even if you're oily skinned, there are some cream formulas that are definitely suitable and beautiful and altogether cute-able.

Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream Blush in 01 Nude Velvet is a cream to powder formula that is nothing like the gross cream-to-powders of old: all you need is a quick swipe and an easy blend for a colour that's a muted coral kiss of loveliness. If you're ready to spend more, Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera is a lovely creamy formula that stays put much longer than you might expect, and looks fresh and light on the cheek. Last up, and another budget option is the Sleek Pout Polish. It is intended to be a tinted lip balm, but I've been loving the look on my cheeks. The shade I have is discontinued but the formula itself is really rather decent and lasts nicely too... A rare two in one I can get behind!

That's my blush gush, of five cheeky chappies that I love even as it goes against my very nature. Now it's over to you: what blushes am I missing out on? Or are you a blush-phobe too (we can suffer together, BPFF...) I'd love to know!

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