Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Scheduling Notice

Here's an old shot of my desk in France to kick this post off...

Why hello there! I hope you are doing well. I figured it was about time that I shared my blogging and Youtube schedule on my blog (having already mentioned it at the end of my May Beauty Favourites,  in case you missed them, shameless plug shameless plug...)
So without further ado, here are the days you can expect to hear from me:

Monday: -
Tuesday: Youtube
Wednesday: Blog Post
Thursday: -
Friday: Blog Post
Saturday: Youtube
Sunday: Blog Post

Also, as a fair warning, my university studies start again in October and I do plan on seriously cutting back the amount of blogging I will be doing (we may be looking at one video a month, and blog posts when I have the time, but I will of course have a better idea come October!)

But, for the moment, my job and lack of studying means you have a summer full of JustBonanasMADNESS ahead of you, and I'm sure you're just as pumped as I am (!).

So, see you Friday! ;)

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