Sunday, 1 June 2014

This Month's Finest... May Lifestyle Favourites

So I've been thinking - unusual stuff I know - and I reckon I may start posting my monthly lifestyle favourites on my blog instead of onto Youtube as I just feel it will work better format-wise. Plus it comes with the benefit of me being able to do bloggy/Youtube stuff when I'm feeling run down... why am I coming down with a cold yet again??? Not fair.

Anyway, on to brighter things. I hope you're sitting comfortably as this may be a long one!

My book choice for this month has to be Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. This is actually a book I've been meaning to show you since finishing it in April, but just never got round to. This is the first Neil Gaiman book I've read and I absolutely loved it; in fact I'm fighting the urge not to pick it up and re-read it, something I've never done before. If you loved Harry Potter and Narnia as a child, this one's for you.

My TV choice has to be Made In Chelsea. BINKY. MY PRINCESS. Ugh. She's still so gorgeous when she's all weepy. Plus everyone's fashion and makeup has been on point this season (or else humorously off the mark...) so if you're not in it for the drama, you should still tune in for the most beautifully dressed/coiffured/made up people you're likely to see on reality TV.

My random choice has to be Instagram. God do I love Instagram. Before my 3G allowance on my phone ran out, I was on a several-times-a-day habit, with no regrets. Now I'm curbed by my inability to Insta without wi-fi, but still loving a good browse nonetheless.

I thought I might also share the things I'm most proud of this month: my Spring Nail Lookbook video was something a little different for me, so to my very first OOTD; on my blog, I most enjoyed putting together my music recommendations and writing the Why Do You Wear Makeup Tag was my blogging highlight!

Then here are my top blog posts of the month:

  1. Things I've Learn In My 20s by From Roses - this gal's got her head screwed on right.
  2. Instagram Life: Paris by Hello October - I enjoyed weeping over how much I miss Paris with this...
  3. Soooo... I Shaved My Face?! from - I don't think I'll be taking the plunge on this makeup trend any time soon but it was jolly interesting to read!
  4. Lovely cherry blossom nail inspiration courtesy of - also some German practice too. Perfect.
  5. In The Back Streets Of London by Style Yourself Vintage made me ache to go back to the Big Smoke - I think I'm just a city gal at heart!
That should just about do it... I hope you all loved your May as much as I did, and let us hope we get the weather we deserve come June!

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